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On the 26-27th of April, the expat club "Good Friends 4U" has officially opened its doors.⠀

The openings were visited by +150 people. During these events, we have explained the concept of the club, presented our partners and the hosts of upcoming events, spoke to those who wanted or had already decided to become members, and had lots of fun.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to our hosts Office LAB Rieterpark ( who provided a home for all our activities. If you're looking for a modern coworking space with all necessary facilities, Office LAB Coworking Space is the right address for you!

We also want to thank our sponsors:

- Schneiders Quer (

- MARU (

- Babu's (

- WOW Museum Zurich (

- Stereolith (

Kudos to our partners who will host events with us in May:

- Lisa Ann ( and Laura Curatolo (

- Marry Woodstock (

- Slava Manvelyan (

- Vijay (

- Osanna Nazaretyan (

- Edyta Piwowarczyk (


- Minal Dhingra (

The photos were taken by Margarita Battalova ( We are very grateful to our longtime friend Pascal Oetterli ( and our newfound friend Nadiia Denysova ( for joining us and taking more beautiful photos!

Long live the club!

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